Thank you so much for your warm and supportive comments.

We met Kevin at a open house he was hosting. After spending sometime with him we found he would be a good person to work with. When it came to writing an offer Kevin used aggressive tactics to ensure us the best deal possible which he produced. We just closed escrow on a home in Eastside Costa Mesa, my wife and I very happy with our deal and charming new home!

Jeffrey Ochoa, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

"Exceptional - Kevin has strong integrity, stays in constant communication, navigated two difficult deals simultaneously with two ridiculously difficult (and unprofessional) agents and kept his cool and positive attitude the entire time. He’s an excellent networker and marketer and as a broker myself, I still choose to work with Kevin on my own deals. Thanks Kevin for your hard work and effort!"

mischik, 106 Luminous, Irvine

"There's working hard and there's working smart. Kevin Kent does both."

Deirdre Symons, Seller & Buyer

“Kevin was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the sale of my Mom’s condo. His marketing methods and sales practices we’re extremely effective; the house sold on the first open house. He got over the asking price the next day. We will definitely be working with Kevin again for our own move at the end of 2018.”

Jerry Holzinger, Trust Executor

“I’ve known Kevin for over 35 years. We were very pleased with the communications and how he handled this deal. He was very concerned about our feelings and needs and of course getting the deal. The result was my wife and I have a new home in a great location in Newport Beach.”

Alan Howarth

“Thank you, Kevin, for finding us such a great home. We appreciate your diligence in searching for just the right property until you hit the bullseye.”

Robert Harp

" 我是美国移民, 来美国20几年了, 从事地产投资行业的工作。我于去年7月初认识Kevin A. Kent 我们进行的初次见面并且进行了深入交谈了解。最后,他为我们在尔湾物色和成功投得一套房产, 让我们非常满意!Kevin A. Kent市场营销学的专业背景,加州房地产经纪从业资格证,具备扎实的房产专业知识。多年的房地产投资经历使其具备精准的信息分析能力,敏锐的市场洞察力,以及高效的执行力。有广博扎实的专业知识。通晓有关加州房地产法律、法规、条例,通晓房地产交易、房产价格评估等专业知识。奉守“专一, 坦诚, 信任, 诚恳”的从业原则,擅长聆听客户需求,运用娴熟的谈判技巧为客户获取最大利益,帮助客户做出最适合自己的选择。Kevin A. Kent是我在买房中遇到最优秀的房地产经纪人,他与其他地产经纪人最大的不同点,就是他在为我们房屋买卖交易时,总是把我们的利益放在第一位,考虑的是如何让我们获得最大的利益和得到最优质的服务,买到最称心的房子。Kevin A. Kent在加州生活工作几十年,又从事多年地产经纪,对加州地区非常了解,掌握大量的房源及信息,并能熟练的运用地产经纪的知识和相关法律,千方百计为客户找到合适的房源,维护客户的利益。为我这次成功购房,我再一次感谢Kevin A. Kent,并衷心地向大家推荐,Kevin A. Kent是诚恳热情,值得信赖的地产经纪人。"

Andy Zhou