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Wouldn’t be nice if there was a little guidebook that brought you up to speed on the current trends and methods of buying or selling your home? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was written by an award-winning agent who is known as an agent who cares about his clients, who continues to get the best deals for his friends and clients, buyers and sellers? That book is right here and it can be yours for FREE. I’d like to know who you are, I’d like to help you meet your goals in real estate. Get the PDF for free. If you want a hard copy, let me know.


Kevin is a respected Real Estate Professional with Villa Real Estate based in Newport Beach, California. Kevin prides himself on having extensive knowledge of the real estate market, sophisticated negotiation skills, innovative marketing technologies, and unparalleled client rapport. He is known for his friendly demeanor, integrity, and professionalism.

"There’s working hard and working smart, Kevin Kent, does both."

— Deirdre Symons, Seller & Buyer - Retiree

"I’ve known Kevin for over 35 years. We were very pleased with the communications and how he handled this deal. He was very concerned about our feelings and needs and of course getting the deal. The result was my wife and I have a new home in a great location in Newport Beach."

— Alan Howarth, Film Composer

"Kevin was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the sale of my Mom's house. His marketing methods and sales practices we're extremely effective; the house sold on the first open house.  He got over the asking price the next day. We will definitely be working with Kevin again for our own next move."

— Jerry Holzinger, Trust Executor

"Thank you, Kevin, for finding us such a great home. We  appreciate your diligence in searching for just the right property until you hit the bullseye."

— Robert Harp, Dmin

"Quite simply, he knows what he is doing, not to mention he is fun to work with! I have met a lot of agents in the past and Kevin is by far the best. He receives my highest recommendation."

— Jen Knerr, Buyer

I hope you enjoy this fourth edition and put it to good use for you and your family. Special thanks to my long time friend, C.J. Land, who made it all look its best.

Here's a look at the Table of Contents so you can see the breadth of knowledge inside this great little book:
Table of Contents

About Kevin Kent, Author
Reasons to Sell Now	
Get the Most from the Sale	
Looking for a Luxury Home? 	
Rising Prices	
Home Appraisals	
Move Up to the Home You Want	
“For Sale by Owner” (FSBO)?	
Is Now the Right Time?	
A Buyer in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush	
Boomer Freedom in Retirement	
Divorce and Probate	
Price - Timetable - Challenges	
Curb Appeal	
Seller Tips - The Kitchen	
Seller Tips on Prepping your Home for Sale	
Seller Staging Tips	
Feng Shui	
Digital Video and Imagery	
Mutual Goals	
When Your Listing Expires	
Seller Options	
Taxes and 1031 Exchange 	
Prop 60 & 90
“Gifting” - Prop 58 & 193	
What is a 1031 Exchange?	
FSBO’s and Agents	
Here is a Little Story 	
Home Ownership is a Good Investment	
Getting Your Mortgage	
Pre-Approval is Always the First Step	
Top Reasons to Buy Now	
You Do Not Need 20% Down to Buy a House.	
Building Wealth	
The Mortgage Process	
Mortgages! Why so Much Paperwork? 	
Saving for a Down Payment	
Loan Approval	
Veterans Loans	
What to Expect From Your Agent	
Real Estate as an Investment	
Buyer Tips - Be Careful - What Not To Do	
Home Warranty	
New Homes 	
Duties - Overview	
Planning the Move - An Eight Week Plan	
Contact & Social Media	
Social Media Links