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I love my drought resistant succulent plants. I’ve been collecting them since I lived in San Diego.


Note: All Photographs shot by Kevin A Kent.

OC Succulents is one of my favorite places to buy water saving succulents for my garden.

Kevin A Kent Succulent Collection


Make an appointment with me during before the summer ends and I’ll bring you a unique potted succulent plant as a little drought resistant gift, just for seeing me… Oh yeah, succulents are almost impossible to kill, no matter how brown your thumb is!

Kevin A Kent



Kevin A Kent, Senior Associate with the McMonigle Team

Call: 949-385-2265


ELECTRICITY – Do you want to reduce your consumption? I got two things for you that will probably save you $1,200 per year.

LED LIGHTS – So what’s the big idea with these LED lights? Well they cost more money, but on the other hand they last about 25,000 hours. But better than lasting forever, they consume only about 10% of the electricity of a regular bulb.  You can replace 4 x 100 watt bulbs with 4 X 10 watt bulbs that are just as bright. You do want to make sure you get the bulbs that are color temperature 2700. The ones that are as bright as 5400 are way too bright for the inside of a home, too stark. My wife really doesn’t like those.


We replaced about 1/2 of the lights in our home over a period of about a month. We mainly replaced the ones that get left on all the time, family room, kids ceiling lights, hallway, kitchen, laundry room.


The other major thing we did for conservation was we started to hit the DELAY button on the dishwasher and the washing machine.  Not running major appliances until after 6PM is easy. Better still, run them after you go to bed.

These two relatively simple electrical lifestyle changes cut our electrical bill in HALF. That’s right HALF! Your kids young or old will be proud of you.

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