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Digital Previews – Open House

If you want to get the most out of your property value, you need to show it to the most people, in the best light. World class digital media matters: motion and 360 videos, home tours and showing the buyer what makes this listing great is essential. Finding the story within the walls and the community is a key to emotional engagement.

Selling your home for top dollar in 2016 requires more than a sign in the yard and some snapshots. Video is the sign of the times. As someone who has directed a feature film, we understand story.

93% of buyers view property on the Internet first, you may only get one chance to make a first impression, and it is probably going to be on-line. Let’s do it right. We understand how to merge digital story telling internet marketing to reach an astounding number of viewers.

A “digital preview” garners awareness to those exact agents who may have a roster of buyers. They never have to get out of their car. They don’t waste time nor money.

First, we do the Digital Preview “A Movie Trailer on the Listing” then we release the real “Open House Movie” – This listing movie is modeled to be just like walking through the home during an open house. Of course, the biggest and best features are highlighted and shown with the emotion of great imagery, music, and voice over.

Below is a sample of some walk through videos with VO and music and 360 views of a home. A listing video will have voice over that describes in detail the homes feature and probably answers 90% of the questions the average buyer would have after waiting to meet with an agent. We believe people are watching the video because they want to lean back and be entertained.

If you could get the price you wanted, would you put your home on the market today? Think about that… I’m here to help attract the right buyer at the right price and we’ll do it with an enticing web video, complete with a social media campaign and a specific circle prospecting technology.

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Kevin A Kent


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