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Everyone needs to live someplace. Owning a home seems like it should be a fundamental right of passage in life.

Real Estate has created more wealth and has enabled more people to save money than any other means. This book is not a get-rich quick treatise, it is a realistic and helpful guide for buyers and sellers.

Not that long ago, real estate agents were in the business of providing information. In fact, you can probably remember a time when all that real estate professionals did—the only value—was giving away information. What’s for sale, what’s on the market, what’s the pricing of similar homes. But this is not how real estate is done now – and it won’t be done like that ever again.

Information itself is no longer why people come to Real Estate Agents. The thirst for analysis of that information is key. What’s important is being able to understand, analyze, and use the information to your best advantage in the decision making process. There’s a large gap between information and actionable knowledge.

You need to understand how and what to think about as we analyze your real estate needs.

Real Estate is full of lingo that is unique and sometimes baffling, so we included a glossary at the end of this book, just in case “escheat” doesn’t roll off your tongue. Our business is in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. We do business from condos for a few hundreds of thousand dollars for a first time buyers to luxury estates for millions.

Integrity, honesty and our ability to listen to what you want as we analyze the market information surrounding your real estate mission, that’s what you really need, isn’t it?

We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions for our series. (949) 385-2265.


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